Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the late update!

As most of you know, we had an appointment in Cincinnati on January 14th with the rheumatologist and physical therapist. Well, Dr.Sikora did a thorough examination and concluded that Wesley had no evident signs of fluid in his knees since starting the Mtx injections! Yay, so it's doing it's job! He said he was very pleased with his results! The physical therapist also said that his contracture in his right leg and also his mobility is showing improvement! He was refitted for new inserts to help correct the limb difference still b/c his other lifts were squished flat! We got great news all around which is a HUGE deal since the past two years have literally been disappointing at each and every doctor visit. Wesley was also put in the registry for JRA research there at the hospital! Don't worry, he's not a guinea pig, they base their research solely on the doctors reports! It is imperative that we now will be heading back to Cincy every three months now so they can keep an eye on him. 10 years is the length of this study!

Wesley has really been doing well! This time last year, he was at the worst point ever with pain and disappointment and just feeling pretty low. So, this is a great feeling not only for him, but everyone close to him that has seen him flourish and smile once again! We go back to Cincinnati on April 7th-8th for his next appt!

Wesley is the HONOREE for this years Arthritis Walk on May 21st at Tipton TrailsPark in Bloomington! It's free to join and we hope to see all of you there! No child should ever have to suffer with arthritis pain. Help us walk and raise money to find a cure! "Team: Walking for Wesley"

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