Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rheumatology update!

We just got back on Jan 6th from seeing his rheumatologist in Cincinnati. The doctors were very happy with the way his joints looked. They said that there was no fluid and they looked "perfect" right now which brought the biggest smile to our faces! The down side is that they are still very concerned with his uveitis and in fact, they squeezed us in there at the hospital in the Opthalmology department to get a good look at what has been going on. The good news is that he currently has no "floaters" but the bad news is that the cells that were active a little while ago have now "died" and are just hanging out in his eyes b/c is immune system isn't quite strong enough to absorb them. If that doesn't happen by our next appt in 3 months, the OP doc said after he keeps flaring it will just continuously build up and can cause a lot of visual issues. So, in the mean time, we pray for healing and no more flares! Uveitis is such a scary thing. I can't believe that after 3 years of dealing with his arthritis that suddenly is attacked his eyes, it's just so unpredictable and I absolutely hate that. The best way I know how to deal is to just get through each day, b/c we just don't know what tomorrow will bring. Wesley is my hero for going through all that he does and still manages to smile. He takes it all stride and he never forgets all of the small and meaningful things about life. I have learned more about myself by being his mommy and I am very blessed to have that sweet little angel in my life! My children are what make life worth living.

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