Monday, November 1, 2010

So far, so good!

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

I promised to update everyone on Wesley and his first chemotherapy injection from Friday. So far, he's been okay! Nurse Jen offered to help me with his first shot and even gave me some tips on how to make it less painful for him, so she was kind enough to give it to him for me. He was scared and he pulled away, but then later admitted that she did an EXCELLENT job and he didn't even feel it! LOL! He has done really well with side effects and the only thing he has complained about is his tummy being upset off and on. The only side effects that we have noticed is that he is very, very pale and he doesn't have much energy at all. He tuckered out fairly quickly trick-or-treating last night, but that's okay, it was cold out and we decided to sit around the fire and enjoy some family time!
" One of the hardest things to do, is give your child a medicine that you know is going to make him feel bad, in order to make him feel "better."


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