Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unfortunate Circumstances

Here we are, closer and closer to the Jingle Bell Walk! It's been an amazing experience preparing for this with all of the help from my friends and family! I wish that circumstances were different and we were going for "happier" reasons. Although, what can be better than honoring your child and his disease and helping to raise awareness in hopes of finding a cure with your friends and family! I need to keep thinking on more positive terms rather than the negative. There are so many mixed emotions with this disease. I feel so sorry for Wesley having to take all kinds of medication just to try to feel better. I hope like crazy that one day there will be a cure and all of these poor children who suffer with JRA and its complications, will be able to lead a normal and healthy life.

We have added more medications to Wesley's small pharmacy. Now he takes MTX by injection every week and then Folic Acid, Leucovorin, Majic Rinse, Tylenol and now Mobic every day to try to keep him from flaring and keep the side-effects in control. The doctors are going to see how he responds over the next month or two and if he is doing better than we'll leave things alone, if not, then he'll probably go ahead with stronger medicine such as the Enbrel or Humira.

THURSDAY we will be appearing on WEEK NEWS 25! We have to be there around 5pm, so I'm not exactly sure what time it will air. And then FRIDAY we will be on WJBC radio in Bloomington to help promote the Jingle Bell Walk! Be sure and tune in!

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