Thursday, September 27, 2012

A lot has changed the past few months!

So much has changed, so I should probably fill you all in huh? First off, we moved to the "4 corners" region of New Mexico right along the south border of Colorado the first week of May. It was quite a change from living in IL! We found an amazing adobe style home literally on top of a mountain. It's 3 bed, 3 bath with an attached 5 car heated garage. To say that this place is amazing with the views would be putting it lightly. My husband took a management position at CAT and we honestly couldn't be happier as a family. Ryan and I have always loved the mountains and we knew it's where we wanted to be! I received some of my mom's ashes and we spread them in Durango in a breath-taking spot... I know that she's shining down on us and so happy that we fulfilled her last wishes. It all fell together so easily, so we know that she played a part.

About Wesley... we took him for a follow up to Albuquerque about 2 months ago to a Rheumy recommended by Cincinnati Children's. He was very thorough with Wesley and was pleased at how Wesley had been progressing, so he stopped ALL of his meds "cold turkey." He did great for about a month and then we started noticing that his joints were swollen in his fingers and he was complaining of pain in his knees once again. I removed him from Alq's care and got him an appt at Denver Children's Hospital. In the meantime, I took a pic of his hands and emailed it back to Cincinnati to confirm that the arthritis was active and spreading and sure enough, it reared it's ugly face. So, we are back to square one after 2 yrs of chemo, anti-inflammatories and aggressive physical therapy. It's a major set back. I feel so sorry for Wesley and so angry at the doctor.

Next week, Wesley has an appt at Denver Children's Hospital which is about a 7 hour drive for us, but SO worth the care that we are hoping for! We will be leaving Tuesday and coming home Friday. October 3rd at 3pm is his big appt! My husband and kids will be going this time and then it will be just Wesley and I for future trips. We will stop before Denver and find something fun to do and take in the sights so that Wesley won't dread his appts so much. He will have an extensive physical by the Rheumatologist, lab work, MRI and we will see Physical Therapy and Opthalmology. It will be a busy day! I will post again after his appt with an update! Prayers for our family for safe travels please! XO

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