Monday, October 8, 2012

Rheumatology Update- Children's Hospital of Colorado

We are back! We had an amazing trip into Denver. We took the scenic route and it was literally just us, the road and endless mountain views. The leaves were changing and it looked like something out of a dream. We took a bunch of pics, they can be found on my FB page. We took the kids to the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs one day and then Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs another day. They were all smiles and it was a nice little mini-vacation.

We took Wesley for his first visit to the Children's Hospital in Rheumatology. His new doctor is an older gentleman by the name of Roger Hollister. He was very thorough with him and confirmed that they arthritis had now spread to the joints in his fingers and that they fluid had built up back in his knees. He is now considered to have "Oligoarticular Extended Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis." He wanted him back on Mobic on a higher dose and said his last labs reported higher liver enzymes, so he wanted 3 more weeks of rest before starting him back on chemotherapy. I talked him into starting him on it immediately. Why wait until he's miserable in 3 weeks. I want him to still be able to function in school! So, tonight we start back on his injections. I am really hoping that it will absorb some of the fluid. He said that the fingers joints were already damaged in 2 months that he wasn't on chemo consistently thanks to Albuquerque, Grr! Our follow up isn't until April 3, 2013 b/c of the distance or if something goes wrong, we can get in sooner. In the meantime we will be communicating with the doc via email and pictures. He also had clear eyes on his Opthalmology visit, yay! So that's the latest! I'll keep everyone posted in the next few weeks on how he responds being back on treatment! We will be setting up a 504 Plan at school in the next few weeks as Wesley has restrictions for school.

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