Monday, March 11, 2013

Wesley is doing well... for the moment.

Wesley is currently doing very well. A month ago though, we couldn't say that. He had a reoccurrence of mononucleosis, so he was in and out of the hospital for high fevers, exhaustion and high dose steroids b/c the mono caused his arthritis to flare. My husband and I were stressed and our hearts broke seeing the little guy so sick. Thankfully, today with the help of steroids, he is doing well. The only battle we have is that his white blood cell count is extremely low, so he is considered to have neutropenia. We take proper precautions to keep our house clear of germs and keep him inside and away from the public as much as possible. He is on week 7 of Enbrel and even though it burns like crazy, he has come a long way in taking this other injection. His joints are looking much better already! We were able to decrease the mtx and last week was his last chemo injection, so we are back down to one shot a week, who hoo!

I know that I recently posted that we moved here to New Mexico, but we are moving again! Coming from IL to a new state, we didn't know much about the community and the schools here. The teachers are wonderful, but our children are way ahead of the game. They aren't challenged here and their are some other concerns about the teen pregnancy and drop out rate... so... we decided that moving into the Colorado side would be the best thing for our children. We found a beautiful house yesterday in Durango West 2 with all of the amenities we were looking for, including a jacuzzi tub for Wesley! We are literally up in the mountains, so we have to be cautious at dusk with mountain lions and black bear, but Durango Colorado is literally a slice of heaven! There will be so many fun things to do as a family and lots of outdoor activities. We are very excited!

Wesley has an appt in Phoenix on April 1st with a Rheumatologist and also one in Denver on April 8th, but unfortunately with the move next month, they will be pushed back until we get settled in. With him doing great right now, I am okay with it. I'll update you all once we have new dates! Oh, and one more thing... Wesley is getting his "dream" granted this year thanks to JGCAF! Jeff was so sweet and squeezed him in. So in the "latter" part of the year, Wesley gets to go on a Disney Cruise with his family and finally be able to feel his feet in the warm sand. I am absolutely thrilled for him! He has sure had a rough start to the year, so I am hoping this will turn all of those tears and pain and anxiety completely around for the little guy. <3

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