Thursday, December 6, 2012


We are at full benefit and maximum dose on Wesley's methotrexate. The Rheumy in Colorado requested an exchange of pictures of his knees and hands from all angles the other day. I sent them and a few hours later, I got a call back from the nurse saying that he was displeased on the way his joints looked and the amount of swelling left. Wesley has been on a full vial of mtx, high dose steroids, Mobic, Leucovorin and Folic Acid for a few months now and it worked great for about 6 weeks, but then we noticed swelling coming back. To make a long story short, we are now waiting on insurance's Pre-approval to add in Enbrel injections as well. Our first dose will be on Saturday. This week, he will actually have 4 needles put into his body and he's not thrilled about it at all. It really breaks my heart. I was folding laundry on Sunday and we were discussing Christmas and Wesley was talking about his list. He said "Mom, please tell Santa that if he can just get me a cure for arthritis I won't ask for the other toys in my list, that's all I want b/c I'm tired of pain and needles." I felt my heart sink and my eyes immediately tear up. I told him that I sure wish that I could make that ONE Christmas wish happen for him and we'll just remain strong and have faith until one day I can make that come true.    :0(

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  1. Wesley, we want the same things for Christmas. There are a lot of us out here fighting for you and for all our special angels. Keep smiling kiddo, HOPE is on the way.