Sunday, April 10, 2011

The words we have been waiting to here!

Finally, the words we have been wanting to hear... Wesley is in "medical remission!" YAY! The rheumy said that he had no visible signs of fluid in any of his joints and since it's been consistent for 6 months now, it is official! Of course, this doesn't mean that Wesley is home-free b/c there is no cure for JRA, but for us it means the world! We will still take things day by day b/c we aren't sure what tomorrow will bring. Wesley MUST remain on chemo for his body to keep responding well or he will flare. We were able to take out his anti-inflammatory medicine for now which is great! This was the good part of the visit... The bad part is that the arthritis took a toll on his body and his legs, hips and lower stomach are very weak and he's in a fragile state. The baseball that he signed up to play that his daddy was going to coach, won't happen this year, unfortunately. Wesley has to go to physical therapy every week to try to build strength and we have to really monitor his activities to keep him from getting really hurt. He is also having some emotional issues after dealing with all of this, so the doc would like to start him on some anti-anxiety meds to see if it helps. I still have some questions, so we'll see what happens. Back on July 1st! I'll keep you all updated as we go along! Thanks for the prayers, God is listening!

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