Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another bump in the road called life.

For awhile now, Wesley's labs have indicated a source of infection, we just couldn't figure out where. After seeing an ENT surgeon, we figured it out quickly... the tonsils were infected! Wesley never complained of a sore throat, just a lot of coughing and congestion here lately. Yesterday at 7:30am, he went into surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as a scrape and culture of his sinuses. I sat there as we waited to talk to Anesthesia and I just looked at him in sadness and in amazement. He is my 6 yr old little boy under-going his 3rd surgery in 2 years. I was terrified for him and I was angry at this disease and the way it's attacked his body. Then, I looked over at Wesley's face and he gave me a wink and a smile, letting me know he'd be ok. He takes everything in stride and he never complains of pain or rarely of being scared. He amazes me each and every day. I never thought I could learn anything from a child, and yet he teaches me more about myself and about life. He's a little angel and so are my other children. I am so thankful that I have each and every one of them!

Wesley is in pain today, you can tell how he swallows, which we expected, but overall is doing well. We have to continue on tomorrow with his chemo shot, so I hope he does ok. You hate to make him feel worse than what he already does. I'll keep everyone posted as the days continue on and he slowly recovers...

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