Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not doing so well right now...

My poor little guy isn't doing well. He got a full vial of mtx on Monday night which made him SO sick yesterday. I had to pick him up from school b/c he was weak and vomiting. I checked him over and his fingers looked even worse. I forwarded pics to his Rheumy who said he needed to be on steroids for 6 weeks until the chemo kicks back in. Everything is a mess right now, but he sure is a trooper! He tries so hard not to complain. Yesterday morning, the substitute music teacher got an attitude with him when he asked for a chair to sit in b/c sitting with his legs crossed "indian style" is very painful for him. When he asked for a chair and said that he has arthritis she said "Look, kid so do I now sit down and be quiet!" Leigha said that Wesley did as he was told with tears in his eyes forcing his little legs to cross. I called the school and had a few choice words! His teacher is excellent though and she said that she would address it! He didn't feel well and tried so hard to stick it out and them to have a snotty teacher be so rude to him like that, made my blood boil! If he would have told me when I picked him up, I would've marched right into that room, but he didn't want to get her into trouble, so Leigha told me about it when I picked her up. Wesley has such a great heart! So... That is the latest. We are in a very rough patch with him right now and could use all of the prayers we can get.

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  1. Hi Amanda,

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